The Scale-Up and Optimization of Smart Magnetic Nanoparticle Synthesis


To improve the manufacturing process for novel clinical assay reagents

Anticipated Impact: 

Improved speed and sensitivity of clinical assays for diagnosing various medical conditions


Nexgenia is developing reagents to improve the speed and sensitivity of immunoassays, which are critical tools for diagnosing infectious diseases, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and metabolic and hormone disorders. Nexgenia’s technology consists of “smart” magnetic nanoparticles (mNPs) and polymers that can be conjugated to antibodies against various biomarkers. When a stimulus is applied, the mNPs and polymer-antibody-biomarker conjugates rapidly form aggregates that can be separated for analysis. These reagents represent a platform technology that Nexgenia plans to sell or license to clinical immunoassay manufacturers and life sciences technology companies. The goal of the proposed work is to refine and optimize mNP synthesis and manufacturing processes to commercial product levels of scale and efficiency, which is expected to enable further product evaluation by potential customers and partners. 

Collaborating organization: Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)

Improved Immunoassay Diagnostic Tests

Grant Update

Principal Investigator:
Thomas Schulte
Grantee Organization:
Nexgenia, Inc.
Grant Title:
The Scale-Up and Optimization of Smart Magnetic Nanoparticle Synthesis
Grant Cohort and Year:
2012 PreCede (07)
Grant Period:
10/01/2012 - 09/30/2014 (Completed)
Grant Amount:
Based on LSDF funding, Nexgenia was able to greatly improve the reproducibility and to scale up the manufacture of stimuli-responsive magnetic nanoparticles - a novel reagent for improving the speed and sensitivity of clinical immunoassays.

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11, 34, 36, 37, 43, 46

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Improved Immunoassay Diagnostic Tests