Adaptive Compression System For Lower Limb Prosthetics


To develop a system that improves the fit and comfort of prosthetic legs by automatically adjusting to volume changes in the residual limb

Anticipated Impact: 

Improved fit of prosthetic lower limbs, resulting in greater comfort, fewer abrasion injuries, and therefore greater mobility for leg amputees


There are approximately 1.5 million amputees in the US. Amputees face many challenges in using prosthetics, including changes in fit – induced by fluid volume changes in the residual limb – that can cause potentially debilitating skin sores. The goal of this project is to develop a technology that allows for rapid, automatic adjustment of the prosthetic’s socket in response to limb volume changes. Epoch Medical Innovations anticipates that the LSDF grant will catalyze development of new intellectual property and attract private investment funding.

Collaborating organization: White Coat Marketing

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Prosthetic Limb Fit/Comfort

Grant Update

Principal Investigator:
Michael Ballas
Grantee Organization:
Epoch Medical Innovations Inc.
Grant Title:
Adaptive Compression System For Lower Limb Prosthetics
Grant Cohort and Year:
2012 Proof of Concept (04)
Grant Period:
05/10/2013 - 05/09/2015 (Completed)
Grant Amount:
We have completed proof of concept trials with our device with positive results. This has allowed us to focus on the "near production" prototype for robustness and efficacy testing. Further, this has positioned us for raising capital for those activities through angel networks and business connections.

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5, 45

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Prosthetic Limb Fit/Comfort