Acoustical Characterization of OtoStat Speculum


To construct and test a prototype ultrasound medical device for rapid, accurate diagnosis of middle ear infections

Anticipated Impact: 

Improved diagnosis of middle ear infections in primary care settings, leading to better care and outcomes at a lower overall cost


The OtoStat is a patented, Doppler ultrasound medical device designed to rapidly and accurately diagnose middle ear infections (otitis media, OM) in children and adults. Primary care providers (PCPs) and emergency room physicians see four million US cases of acute OM annually leading to ten million patient visits requiring “ear checks” at an annual cost of over $5B, yet clinical studies show a consistent error rate of up to 50% in diagnosis. Acute OM is the leading reason for antibiotic prescriptions and surgery in children. OtoNexus envisions the OtoStat as a means to both vastly improve OM diagnosis as well as shift this diagnostic capability to PCPs to provide the lowest overall cost of care. This grant will build upon early proof of concept work by supporting prototype construction and testing in an artificial ear model. OtoNexus anticipates that this testing will be critical for advancing the technology to clinical trials and securing the investment funding needed to complete product design.

OtoMetrix Medical Technologies changed its name to OtoNexus Medical Technologies in July 2014.

Collaborating organizations: Broadview Labs, CAD-Based Solutions, Innovative Micro Technology, Microconnex, Product Creation Studio

Ear Infection Diagnosis

Grant Update

Principal Investigator:
Mark Kraus
Grantee Organization:
OtoNexus Medical Technologies, Inc.
Grant Title:
Acoustical Characterization of OtoStat Speculum
Grant Cohort and Year:
2013 Proof of Concept (03)
Grant Period:
06/01/2013 - 05/31/2015 (Completed)
Grant Amount:
The key component of our product is a CMUT device. We have completed the first (of three) iterations of its design and fabrication. A detailed analysis of the first iteration was made, and a detailed model developed to guide the design of the second iteration devices. This analysis is complete, and the second iteration devices are nearly ready to start fabrication. In addition, refinements to the preamp and the die attachment have been made. Marc Fine was hired as VP Marketing.

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5, 11, 34, 36, 37, 43, 45, 46, 48

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Ear Infection Diagnosis

Feb 3, 2015
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia News