Establishing a Host/Pathogen Interaction Facility for the Discovery and Developement of Novel Anti-Infectives


To establish a high-throughput analysis facility to discover new infectious disease therapies

Anticipated Impact: 

New treatments for infectious disease, discovered by researchers across the Pacific Northwest


The Infectious Disease Research Institute (IDRI) will create a facility for high-throughput screening of cells infected by their pathogens, a method that more authentically replicates the disease state. Initially, the facility would be used to screen for new drugs and adjuvants effective against tuberculosis and Cryptosporidium infections. Subsequent pathogens screened will include diseases more important to global health. The facility and IDRI's expertise will be offered on a fee-for-service basis to other researchers and companies, with particular emphasis on the Pacific Northwest. The program will be sustained by user fees and grants and contracts. LSDF funding will be split between sophisticated equipment and highly skilled staff, and will be matched three-fold by other funders, primarily commitments from foundations in Washington and Oregon. Discoveries will be commercialized primarily via pharmaceutical company partners.

Collaborating organization: PATH

Infectious Disease Diagnosis, Treatment

Grant Update

Principal Investigator:
Tanya Parish
Grantee Organization:
Infectious Disease Research Institute (IDRI)
Grant Title:
Establishing a Host/Pathogen Interaction Facility for the Discovery and Developement of Novel Anti-Infectives
Grant Cohort and Year:
2015 Matching (05)
Grant Period:
09/01/2015 - 08/31/2017 (Completed)
Grant Amount:
We installed a sophisticated imaging system integrated with robotics handling under Biosafety Level 3 conditions. The machinery incorporates a Molecular Devices Image Express wide-field automated imaging system with a Beckman robotics arm, together with an associated server, database and software. We have developed a high content, high throughput, microscopy assay to screen compounds for activity against the pathogen Mycobacterium tuberculosis (causative agent of tuberculosis). This assay can simultaneously measure effects against the bacterium inside immune cells (macrophages), as well as any unwanted toxic effects against the host cells. We have screened >30,000 compounds for activity and selected hits for follow up. We have also established assays for

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11, 34, 36, 37, 43, 46

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Infectious Disease Diagnosis, Treatment