You may navigate this reporting tool using the previous/next links at the bottom of the screen, or using the section tabs at the top of the screen. If you are on a question page, your responses are recorded no matter which navigation method you use. Aside from the AutoSave questions, your responses are ONLY saved when you navigate to a different page.


Several of the questions in this survey require lengthy responses. These questions will generally have a yellow box below them indicating how often the question is saved to the server. Your response to these questions will be automatically saved at the specified time interval.

Numerical Responses

Several questions in this report require numerical responses. These questions will only allow you to enter the numbers 0 thru 9, and in some cases a decimal. You will not be able to enter other characters in these fields.

Survey Progress

The overview page is meant as a guide. Percentages are computed based on the number of questions complete out of the total number of questions on the page. Each field must be filled in (even if the response is 0 or N/A) to count the question as complete. If a question does not pertain to your situation, please answer with a 0, or N/A.


Reporting Periods

Your progress reports are organized by the start and end days of the reporting period. Before beginning your report, please be sure you have selected the correct reporting period. You may change your reporting period using the links in the status box at the top right-hand corner of this page, or by logging out and logging back in.


You may write comments about specific pages by clicking on the "Comments" link at the bottom of the page. Your comment will be saved when you navigate to a different page.


If you have questions about this reporting tool you may contact the LSDF main office at:

(206) 732-6777